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buescher soprano saxophone

VintageSax specializes in the finest professional quality and collectable saxophones.

These saxophones were built from fine quality brass by superior craftsman from the 1920s through the 1960s. Tonal richness, smooth action, and visual beauty are obvious in these unique instruments. Although many of these instruments are extremely rare, they are made available to you in great playing condition, with a 5 day approval period.

a flower of truetone saxophonesWe also have a selection of miscellaneous woodwinds for your pleasure, and some choice vintage mouthpieces for you to match to your horn.

VintageSax pays homage to friend and composer John Worley

notes on a staff

How to purchase a horn or other item from VintageSax.

beautiful conn tenor saxVintageSax is owned and operated by Gayle Fredenburgh, of Crestview, Florida. Gayle has a Bachelor of Music degree in Education from Crane School of Music in New York, and a Master of Music degree in Saxophone Performance from Florida State University. She currently teaches music and has spent the last 30 years playing, studying, repairing, and exploring vintage saxophones.

If you are interested in any of the items on the linked pages above, please contact Gayle Fredenburgh via e-mail ( or by phone (850-689-1126).

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